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Friday, January 12, 2007

Golf Review: Cougar Power Cat Men's Golf Set- 1/12/07

Comments: Mr. Monster's Very First Set- The Cougar Power Cat Men's 12-piece Golf Set

My very first set I purchased in mid 2006 when my friends and I started playing was a Couger Power Cat golf set.

I purchased it from a local Big 5 Sporting goods store after seeing their ad. Since it was on sale I though to try it and see if I liked golf. The set was prior to the Tour Cat and X-Cat series.

A great set for any golfer. Cougar Power Cat Men's Set Features:

  • 1 cast 420cc graphite shaft driver
  • 2 alloy steel shafted fairway woods (#3 & #5)
  • 1 alloy steel shafted utility hybrid (#3/4)
  • 6 steel shafted zinc irons (5-PW)
  • 1 steel shafted zinc blade putter
  • 1 stand bag with 3 pockets & 1 mesh pocket
  • 1 rain hood
  • 3 head covers for woods
The set held up for me for about 6 months before I decided to upgrade. The irons were o.k. though I wish the woods had more of a draw bias to help with the hooks that a beginner set like this is more targeted at. I highly suggest beginning golfers to start with a low-priced golf set before buying expensive equipment (even if used) since you do not want to invest heavily if you do not stick around long in the game.

3 out of 5

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