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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Golf Review: Top-Flite HCT Tour Men's Golf Set- 12/15/07

Mr. Monster's Current Golf Set- Top Flite HCT Tour Men's 17-piece golf set

After selling my previous Cougar Power Cat golf set, I decided to try the following golf set that I currently play with.

The Top Flite HCT set is what we came up with. The 17-piece set includes excellent 1, 3 and 5 woods, the much-desired 4 and 5 hybrid irons for more distance and accuracy, a 6-PW iron set, and a decent putter. The set also comes with a nice self-standing style bag for the weirdos who walk the course.

Top Flite HCT Tour Golf Set

• The total package all in one set, right-handed men’s set
• 460cc oversized driver, 2 fairway woods and 2 easy-to-hit hybrid clubs
• 6 perimeter-weighted stainless steel irons and 1 putter
• Includes golf bag 3 head covers and 1 rain hood
• 17 pieces in all

I ended up upgrading from the Cougar Power Cat set to this set since it was a "name brand" owned by Callaway Golf so I thought it would have better quality. I also chose this set since it was on sale at Target for half the retail price since at the time the store was downsizing it's golf section selections. I did give thought to this set having a full set of irons from 5 to sand wedge since my previous set only had up to a pitching wedge.

The HCT Tour's woods was fairly decent though I do wish the putter included was a mallet style instead of a blade. With a driver, two fairway woods and a 4 & 5 hybrid club selection Top-Flite sure gives the beginning golf a good amount to work with. The golf bag held up for a season then the zippers started to unlatch and the teeth did not want to grip anymore.

Score: 3.25 out of 5

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Golf Review: Sets of Equipment I've Used So Far- 12/1/07

# of Drivers used: 6
Cougar Power Cat 460cc
Pinemeadow Tour 780
Top Flite HCT Tour 460cc
Taylor Made R7 Draw
Intech Ripper
Cleveland Hi-Bore

# of Putters used: 5
Cougar Power Cat blade
Top Flite HCT Tour blade
Knight Golf EZ Roll ZR10
RAM Laser EV1
Taylor Made Monza Rosa
Never Compromise GM2 Exchange 3

# of Golf Gloves used: 5
Atheletic Works
Nike Tech Xtreme
Callaway Game Series
Taylor Made React2
Nike Dri Fit

# of Hybrids used: 4
Cougar Power Cat #3/4
Top Flite HCT Tour #5
Pinemeadow Command #3 & Excel #4
Taylor Made Mid Rescue #3 & 4

# of Golf Bags used: 4
Cougar Power Cat stand bag
Top Flite HCT Tour stand bag
Taylor Made F1 stand bag
Spalding leather cart bag

# of Wedges used: 3
Cougar Power Cat PW
Top Flite HCT Tour PW & SW
Cleveland 588 Tour Action SW & 60* lob

# of Irons used: 2
Cougar Power Cat #5-PW
Top Flite HCT Tour #6-PW

# if Fairway Woods used: 2
Cougar Power Cat #3 & 5
Top Flite HCT Tour #3 & 5

# of Golf Shoes used: 2
Dunlop brown/white saddle
Top Flite IN04-57 white sneaker

# of Golf Balls lost: Uncountable

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