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Sunday, May 24, 2009

How to Turn OFF Windows Genuine Advantage Notification

During my last Windows Service Pack update I ended up seeing after logging into my computer and Windows Genuine Advantage Notification pop-up window asking me if it should be installed to check for non-Windows complaint software. Heck no, this is one obtrusive update that I don't want.

After clicking on cancel, it always came back asking the same question after login. There was no way to cancel the notification question. After checking some websites, people's recommendation was to update the Registry, heck no. Too complicated. After seeing a tip from someone, I decided to try to just uncheck the notification from the Window's folder and it worked. No more pop-up. Here's what I did:

How to Turn OFF Windows Genuine Advantage Notification Instructions
1. My Computer
2. C: Drive
3. Windows folder
4. Task folders

So it ends up looking like this in Windows XP:

5. Right click on the WGASetup application.
6. Click on the Properties window
7. Uncheck "Run only if logged ion" and the "Enabled" check boxes.
8. Click the OK button.

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