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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Golf Review: Callaway Big Bertha 460 Driver- 6/24/07

Comments: Callaway’s entry to the 460cc driver market with the club that started the over-sized hype with a tendency for use by higher-handicappers as the target market than compared to the FT-5 or X drivers.

Pros: Great red, white, silver color scheme. Stands out in the driver market comprised of black, silver, gray colors and a non-gaudy red when compared to the Burner (yuck).

Cons: For a driver supposedly for those looking for forgiveness, this driver yielded mediocre results for me. Compared to the FT-5s hooks, the Big Bertha 460 produced low flying slices. Unfortunately the look of the Big Bertha 460 can’t overcome the slice bias and lack of distance produced.

Overall: So-so club that will sell by name and looks alone but does not compare to distance or even forgiveness as many of the new drivers on the market today.

2.75 out of 5

Golf Review: Callaway FT-5 Driver- 6/24/07

Comments: This driver is supposed to be a ‘non-square’ equivalent of their new high MOI club, the Callaway FT-i with a bit more workability as the FT-i.

Pros: Nice look and doesn’t stray too much from the appearance of the FT-3 and targeted to the lower handicapped player looking for forgiveness on off-center hits.

Cons: Ballooning hits, the version I tried had the draw bias to it and the balls definitely went left…. far out left with low trajectory for me on a 10.5 degree club. Also had a slightly less aluminum bat sound to it than the Callaway FT-I, but still a wooden bat sound to it once hit. Not too pleasant.

Overall: For the price I would have thought this club to be more forgiving for what it is. Not as long or forgiving as the Sumo, Burner or HiBore XL drivers. Somewhat situated in the over hyped category as the Taylor Made Superquad and Nike Sumo2.

Score: 2.5 out of 5

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Golf Course Review: Costa Mesa Country Club, Costa Mesa, CA- 6/23/07

Date Played:
June 23, 2007

12:52 tee time in the afternoon

Number of players:

Driving range:
Yes, one grass and two mat hitting areas

Putting green:
Yes, two next to club house and one near the locker room area which may be for instructions only


Mesa Linda course, Par 72
Time to play course: 5.5 hours

The restrooms are located away from the pro shop/driving range and across at the dining area. The restrooms are to the back of the locker rooms. Also, though it says Country Club in the name, this i a public course, right in Costa Mesa near Adams & Harbor Blvd. off the 405 fwy.

We waited twenty minutes once our tee time came up for the group in front of us teed off, the course was slow on the Saturday morning. There were a group of women to play after us, and after waiting so long they gave up and went back to the pro shop to ask for a refund. This is the only course we have played so far with the wait so long at the tee. After 4 holes we thought we finally got space between us and other players, but at a long par 5 we got backed up again behind two groups. Ended up watching one of our guys feed trail mix to squirrels.

There was no check-in person at the first tee which should have helped with pace of play and the one time we did see a marshal, he was just driving around talking on his cell phone.
We found out the delay was due to a tournament ahead of us, so the course did not time manage well since that group was also hosting a "Hole in one" challenge that caused them to bring out measuring tape on one of the holes. Out of the group I was playing in two said they would never play this course again, which is a shame since the cos was cheap ($30, cash only) and the layout was fine with trees situated along the course.

The rough sections were notoriously wicked since they were not cut well and many a balls were hit to them but lost since the overgrown grass would swallow them up easily. Fairways were green with no noticeable yellowed grass and some flowers planted along the cart paths. Sand bunkers were a plenty, but sand was compact with my 3 times in the sand I was able to get out in just one shot with a sand and iron used. Some of the bunkers were deeper than on the courses I played so it looked like when you see PGA pros sunk deep in them when we were playing.

Many of the courses were dog legged with few super-straight gains, so you either blasted through or over trees or brought out your 3 wood to work the ball around a turn. Greens were fast and with various bumps, I was the only person to manage a birdie on the entire 18. Once hole played to the right of the Harbor Avenue, and one of our big hitters hit one onto the street, hopefully no car was hit at this process.

A price for the course as reasonable for an mid-OC location, good fairways and tree locations. Course play and ranking were hampered by the overgrown grass and horrible waiting time. We play par 72s usually in 4.5 hours, this course broke all records and took us 5.5 hours and wasted the great weather with waiting and waiting.

3 out of 5 stars

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Golf Review: Nike Sasquatch Sumo Driver- 6/19/07

Comments: A higher MOI than the previous generation of the original Nike Sasquatch.

Pros: Of the new drivers this one gave great feedback and with the proper swing I was able to belt out some consistent drivers about 10-15 yards more than my current driver. Also updated for the Sumo line is the much better designed head cover. The original Nike Sasquatch head cover was a plain sock cover which was so tight at the neck that trying to pull it up past the club head required Hulk-like strength and patience. The new head cover thankfully addresses the issue of the large head by having the top portion of the head cover split down the middle so you just slide the head in and the neck of the cover attaches to the shaft.

Cons: As you’ve probably read on the golf forums the main complaints about the Nike Sumo and Sumo2 is the aluminum bat sound on the hits. Though the Nike Sumo sounds less irritating than the Sumo2, the Sumo still has an odd “boing” sound to it that may irritate you and your playing partners after a while. If you don’t mind the banana-yellow design, the Sumo looks pretty standard though large looking for a 460cc driver.

While I really like the Sumo, the sound is distracting and is one of the only reasons that keep it from being my #1 driver pick.

Score: 3 out of 5

Golf Review: Nike CCI Irons- 6/19/07

Comments: Iron set geared for the low handicapper.

Pros: The Nike CCI irons are a great looking set of clubs with nice gray and minimal tech look. A subdued design as compared to Nike’s previous Ignite, OSS, and Pro Combo lines.

Cons: Hit the irons and the shots ran all over the place. Felt like sprays left and right with a hard feel to the hits. I would have derived from the cavity-back type of design that these irons would have some forgiveness to them but I did not feel it at all.

Overall: If you’re looking to buy a set of Nike CCI irons since you like the brand (dig the shoes, warm-up suits, caps, etc.) then this set does have the cool appeal of Nike. But for use by every-day players and beginners, I’d have to say they are a difficult club to use.

Score: 2.5 out of 5

Golf Review: Nike Ignite Irons- 6/19/07

Comments: Geared toward the mid- to high-handicap player, this Nike Ignite iron set would likely be geared for my friends and I.

Pros: The Ignite irons launched the practice balls straight and high, but I felt the launch angle was a bit too high, the six iron was rocketing the balls in the air the same as my Top Flite 8- to 9-irons. The face angle and offset set my hits on a relatively straight angle and really worked well for me.

Cons: The negative I have to say on the set was the extreme mushy and muted feel to hits anywhere on the face. Hit it good or bad, the feel was the same, a resounding distant feel. I would prefer to feel a resounding “click” sound with a hit right off the center of the face. So if you would like to be able to feel the different hits of your club, the Ignite is not for you.

Overall: For the price, the Nike Ignites I’ve found them for around $400, the value is good. Great for beginners and the price isn’t going to gouge your wallet. Adhering to Nike’s bright colors such as their Sasquatch line, the irons come with a bright orange bar. For a set called “Ignite” I would have preferred a more reddish color.

Score: 3 out of 5

Monday, June 18, 2007

Golf Review: Titleist D1 Driver - 6/18/07

Comments: Titleist’s new D1 “triangle” driver showcasing the company’s high MOI club dedicated to the all-around golfer...supposedly.

Pros: It’s a Titleist brand, shape is more pleasing triangle than the block square clubs of their competitors. Nice simple design on the club head.

Cons: For a driver designed for the everyday player, this D1 club hit inconsistently for me and even worse when compared to the square drivers from other companies. The distance I got was marginally lower than my current driver and shots sprayed to the left. The sound also had a hollow aluminum bat sound to it usually noted to the Sumo2 and FT-i.

Overall: The D1 driver was a disappointment in my eyes for a Titleist driver that should have worked well for a high-handicapper like myself looking for straighter drives. For the high-price and quality and technology this club was to deliver, I was expecting more especially in the hitting sound and distance. I’ve still not seen anyone on the range or course with the Titleist D1. I am now curious to try last year’s version the 905 to see if I can hit that driver and hoping the face is not too square or open since it’s suppose to be a true “Players” club.

Score: 2 out of 5

Golf Review: Titleist 775 CB Irons- 6/18/07

Comments: Routinely described as the “Player’s” irons, I decided to give the 775 CB a try even though my last trip to my local Nevada Bob’s Golf Shop the sales person told me to stay away from the Titleist brand due to my 25 handicap. All forums I’ve read said the same thing discouraging beginners and high-handicappers from the Titleist brand, boy were they wrong.

Pros: the 775 CB is Titleist’s closet version of irons aimed at the mid-handicappers with it’s cavity back and offset head. Taking the six-iron in hand both myself and my friend busted the range balls high and straight down the range. I was impressed with the control I had with the irons both when I was fresh in hitting as well as when I came back to the Titleist tent tired, the hits maintained were straight and high. The feel of the hits were butter, meaning I could hit the irons anywhere and get a good responsive feel so I could change my hits if needed to get a better launch.

Cons: The price! As with most Titleist products, it’s hard to find a low priced set.

Overall: Great looking set with a nice red band in the higher lofted irons shown. Forget what others say, even if you’re new to golf try out this set since it feels and plays well. Be sure though that you have the dough to purchase this otherwise you’ll hate yourself for not being able to by this set after you demo the product.

Score: 4 out of 5

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Movie Review: The Descent

Comments: I highly recommend the DVD, The Descent. It causes people to have noodles on their head.

Score: 4 out of 5

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Golf Review: Upcoming review of Long Beach demo day at Roger Dunn Golf Shops on 6/9/07

Went with a friend all the way down to attend the Roger Dunn Golf Shop demo day in Long Beach, CA (near the 405 & 710 Fwy.) to try out a whole gaggle of OEM products. Some items I did try surprised me with their performance that were better than expected and some products I thought were going to be great were a disappointment.

I will review in detail the products I did test and try out (drivers, irons, woods and hybrids) at a later time when I have a chance to get some pictures and do a detailed report. Here though is a list of the items my friend and I tried out. I do wish more of the OEMs would bring in their putters to demo as well since the putting green was empty and would have definitely been a good addition to the try-outs, I know that they do not have enough people to staff a separate area away from their tents, but maybe get an employee of the store site to man the putting area to watch the customers so they don't take off with the putters. That'd be sweet.

I think putter purchases would be more of a definite impulse purchase since they retail for way less than buying a new driver or irons so it'd be easier for people to actually buy something rather than wait and see attitude because of the large $$ to buy the sets sold at these demo days.

Items tested:
  • Callaway Golf- FT-5 driver
  • TaylorMade - Superquad r7 driver, Burner driver, r7 460 driver, r7 cgb irons
  • Cobra - M-Speed LD driver, baffler hybrid, S9 irons
  • Ping Golf - G5 driver
  • Cleveland Golf - CG Red and Gold irons, Hibore XL
  • Nike Golf - SQ Sumo driver, Ignite & CCI irons
  • Titleist - 907 D1 driver, 775 cb irons
  • Nickent- 4DX driver & 3DX irons
  • Adams - Skipped
  • Mizuno - MX 19, 25, and 900 irons
  • Tour Edge - Exotics 3 wood
  • Sonartec - MD hybrid

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