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Monday, May 28, 2007

Casta Del Sol Golf Course in Mission Viejo, CA Golf Course Review: 5/28/07

Comments: Played Casta Del Sol Golf Course in Mission Viejo, CA on May 28th, Memorial Day. Great weather and paid $23 per person on the Monday due to holiday rates otherwise it would have been $16.00.

Great challenging course even though only par 61/62 due to challenging greens and hilly fairways. Not a lot of players after 2:00 p.m. so was able to play the entire course in under 4.5 hours with 5 players and waiting for one group ahead of us.

The course was in good shape though expect a lot of rabbits and ducks which has a few smelly lakes. Did see on back to back holes in the middle of the fairways and tees one decapitated crows head and on next tee a dead rabbit. Need marshalls to be on the look out more. Other than dead animals the course looks nice with nice views and great price.

If you live in So. O.C. and choosing Casta Del Sol vs. Lake Forest Golf & Practice center during the weekdays, pay the extra $3 and play Casta Del Sol you won't be disappointed.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Golf Course Review: UPDATED David L. Baker Golf Course, Fountain Valley, CA Golf Course- 5/26/07

Comments: Re-played David L. Baker Golf Course in Fountain Valley, CA on Saturday, May 26th. The course has finally gotten a bit better and greener fairways since last year. Expect packed courses on this location due to the low $27 fee for a par 62 18 holes. Ended up waiting behind 3 teams on the first tee.

Pretty plain simple courses with some just 87 yards straight. Barely any trees at all so expect a lot of people yelling "Fore!" and ducking a lot since not a lot of room separates the links. The ponds lining the course are dark green, one of the dirtiest I've seen, should clean them up since it's murky and kind of nasty. Good price for a weekend, but expect loads of people. Played 3 people in about 4 hours.

Score: 2.75 out of 5

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Golf Course Review: David L. Baker Golf Center, Fountain Valley, CA- 5/23/07

Comments: Played this course in late 2006 and you do get what you pay for in this center. Thinking this was the opposite of the Garden Grove/Westminster section of Mile Square Park Golf Course (review coming later) I thought this course would be as nice as Mile Square, boy we were wrong.

The course fee is about half of Mile Square but so is the yardage. The course we were at the time had absolutely awful turf, the grass was as dead and yellow as it could come on the fairways the exact opposite of the fence of Mile Square.

I recommend this course only if you get a discount to play it and only for quick games or if Mile Square is fully booked.
  • Total Holes: 18
  • Par: 62
  • Year Opened: 1985
  • Fee: $21-$27
  • Tee Yardage Rating Slope
    Blue 3847 59.8 97
    White 3118 57.5 84
Score: 2.95 out of 5

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Golf Review: Knight EZ Roll ZR10 Putter- 5/19/07

Comments: EZ Roll ZR10 from Knight Golf Putter Review: This was Mr. Monster's first separate putter purchase to replace the blade putter that came with my very first golf set the Cougar Golf Power Cat set (see earlier review). This putter came with a red ceramic insert and approx. 34" in length.

The grip mine came out with when I bought it at Walmart was a red Knight grip and subsequent versions I've seen of this putter at Sports Authority came with a pretty nice looking black with red trim soft cushion type grip.

I went away from the blade since I wanted a bit more heft as well as better alignment aid, so this Knight EZ Roll ZR10 did the job with a nice one-ball design set-up and plumber's neck shaft hosel.

As you can see
this version of the Knight Golf EZ Roll ZR10 is almost an exact copy of Nike's putter the Black Oz T100.

Here's Nike's take on their putter: The Nike OZ T100 mallet putter from Nike Golf features a tungsten plug in the rear of the club head that reduces skidding and allows a truer roll on putts of all lengths.

The plug doubles as an alignment aid along with parallel and perpendicular site lines.

The Nike OZ T100
  • Dual Density Weighting - Aluminum body with high-density tungsten weight plugs
  • Soft Polymer Insert with ultra lightweight polymer
  • Face Balanced - All OZ Black putters are face balanced to promote a square face at impact
  • CNC Milled Face Each putter face is milled flat to precise tolerances
  • Double Bend Stpless Steel Shaft by True Temper
  • C-Thru Grip by Lamkin: Soft, high-tack termoplastic rubber paddle-style grip
  • Now for those not wanting to spend $170.00 for the Nike OZ T100 version, you can pick up the Knight EZ Roll ZR10 for about $19.99-$24.99 at your local Walmart or Sports Authority. This putter also comes with other brand names since it is owned by King Par the manufacturer of Knight, Intech, Affinity and Orlimar brands.

    Score: 3 out of 5

    Friday, May 18, 2007

    Golf Review: Cougar Power Cat Golf Men's Package Set Review- 5/18/07

    Cougar Power Cat Golf Set Review

    Company Product Description:
    The 17 piece Cougar Power Cat golf set consists of Oversize #1 wood with deep face enlarges the hitting zone for maximum forgiveness and accuracy. #3 and #5 fairway woods. All woods come with graphite shafts and head covers. Comes with a multi-purpose 3/4 hybrid club. Perimeter weighted 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW irons. Missing Sand Wedge. Dual alignment putter with anti-skid score lines and face balance for maximum putting efficiency. Comes with golf stand bag features multiple pockets, club friendly divider top, ground activated dual legs for superior stability and rain hood.

    Comments: The Cougar Power Cat was my very first golf set I purchased back in early summer 2006 when Mr. Monster and his gang of friends decided to try out golf since we were getting a bit too old, un-flexible, and large for our previous battles of tennis. Since I did not know if I would stick to golf since the previous times we played golf was at the driving range during high school and one company sponsored golf excursion I did not do too well. So instead of getting a name brand set I decided to try out a started set with everything and just in case I dropped out I hoped not to lose too much money in investing in clubs. Starting in golf one friend borrowed some clubs from friends while picking up his set piece by piece, one started out buying a name brand set right off the bat (Adams Golf) and I spotted in the local newspaper a full set of clubs for $115 at the Big 5 Sporting Goods store, the Power Cat set by Cougar Golf.

    Cougar Power Cat set had everything in one piece, golf stand bag, 3/4 hybrid, 3 woods, 5-pw irons and blade putter. While Cougar is not a name brand manufacturer, I do have to recommend it as a good started set for those looking for a complete brand new package for under $120. The irons for me worked well and weighted properly, The woods were difficult and unwieldy and the driver especially caused me and my swing severe slices. The blade putter was not to my style and was replaced by a Nike OZ mallet clone. While there are people who may scoff at the Cougar brand, the Cougar Power Cat set I had outlasted the Adams club (the 5 wood broke off after 2 games) and showed no noticeable external wear after 6 months of use. While I ended up moving to new hybrid and driver clones as well as a new set later on, as a value price set beginners should not hesitate to try out this Cougar brand.

    One other playing partner did get the higher end X-Cat set, better stand bag but the graphite shaft paint chipped after less than a years use and the 5 iron head broke off. If you can find a set for $100 go ahead and get this, the only other value set that I see other beginners use are the RAM sets from Target around $150-$175 and the Jack Nicklaus set from Costco for around $200.

    Score: 3 out of 5

    Saturday, May 12, 2007

    Golf Course Review: Skylinks Golf Course in Long Beach Review: 5/12/07

    Comments: Skylinks Golf Course in Long Beach: Bad divots all around, players not helping to replace their damage. Speed was o.k. with time between 4.5-5 hrs.

    Get ready to see helicoptors and small propeller planes fly just right over you. For $51 this place is way too expensive with twilight not kicking in til 3:00 p.m., this course would be better suited to $35-40 max.

    Score: 3 out of 5

    Tees Par Rating Slope Yardage
    WHITE 72 M - 69.0 W - 75.0 M - 122 W - 125 6172

    Game Review: Mystery House- 5/12/07

    Apple IIe Fun!

    Want a fun read and a good laugh based on the old school graphic text adventures from your old PC Apple IIe from the 80's? Reade this:

    Friday, May 11, 2007

    Golf Review: RAM Laser Putter- 5/11/07

    Comments: Ended up selling my RAM Laser putter (same as shown above the Wizard Evolution EVI model). After purchasing it several months ago I decided the feel wasn't working for Mr. Monster. I originally bought this RAM Laser putter at the local Target since I wanted a "Heavy Putter" type without paying the $200.00 cost for the name brand Heavy Putter.

    I searched for something to be used on slow greens since I tend to stop short on my puts. Trying out this putter on the short range game was fine with good feedback though the length of the shaft seemed too long with about 36"-37".

    This item came with a standard blue RAM corded grip, matching headcover, and a good blue with white alignment stripe on the head. I tried it out for a few games as well as practice putting but after one game where I had to put long range continuously (10-15 yards) I started to feel and hear the metallic "clink" sound that I just didn't feel for.

    I like soft feeling putters and this just felt too hollow inside which offset the great heaviness it displayed. Maybe if the RAM Laser putter had a soft insert in the face this putter would come back into my bag, but hopefully the person who bought it off me on eBay is enjoying it.

    Score: 2.5 out of 5


    On a separate note Walmart was previously selling the Dunlop made John Daly 540cc "Grip it and Rip it" super-oversized driver on sale a month ago which I purchased at a good low price and resold, so if any of you want to try out a huge headed driver head over to your local store. I was told that the majority of the clubs at the store was at was on sale since they were moving the location of the golf items and were restocking with new stuff.

    My local Walmart did not have the same sale at all. Though as I was walking out I was able to see in the clearance aisle a stack of Top Flite XL Tour and Straight golf balls for $3.00 (.20 cents a ball) which I bought one pack of the straights for the times I'm going over a water hazard or creek. I wish I bought more though when they had the CX3 Hot balls on sale for $10.00 since they sell regularly for $25.00.

    Thursday, May 10, 2007

    Golf Review: Intech Ripper Driver Review: 5/10/07

    Comments: Tried out the Intech Ripper driver (I guess considered Orlimar's more generic redheaded stepchild by King Par, the same manufacturer as Orlimar, Affinity, and Knight brands) on the course today and I was impressed with it, even my playing partner who was with me was impressed on it's distance.

    I'm a high handicapper at the moment (20+) and currently using a TaylorMade R7 460 draw with 13 degree head and an upgraded Aldila NV 75S stiff flex shaft (I originally got this since I needed fast help with my slices and to get the ball up in the air easier since I had a slow swing speed in the beginning). Now that I'm better handling my swing with a driver I've been looking for a lower lofted driver (10.5-11 degrees) with a regular flex since the 13* driver I have pops up in the air too much nowadays. This Intech Ripper driver actually comes with an Aldila shaft. Never heard of this version, it's a "Reflex" version shaft name with low torque and high modulus (what is that?). Regular flex with reactive technology. Surprised it didn't come with Winn grips like the John Daly Dunlop drivers also at Walmart at the same price.

    So I busted out the Intech Ripper on the first par 4 288 yarder on the course (I did the same course the day before with my TaylorMade) and hit the ball square on to about 235 yards which was on track the same distance I did the other day with my TaylorMade but actually a bit straighter. Good launch angle and good flex on the generic Aldila shaft. I used the driver on about 3 more holes and actually got maybe 10+ yards more than the prior day. Now this is probably that we were on a slower pace so I was able to line up my drives better and got my swing on a groove. There was one hole that I took a couple extra drives to see how much I could belt the Intech Ripper and I got a couple "thunk" sounds but they still went about 150+ yards and stayed pretty fairly on the course. The big positive I can say about the driver is that even though it's square it sounds like my TM driver with a nice medium pitch "click" sound when hit properly down the fairway and none of the aluminum bat sound as the Sumo2 and FT-i.

    Though the Intech Ripper head cover is pretty weird looking, it actually pops on and off super-fast compared to the sock covers, the only thing I see that might go bad is the locking mechanism that attaches to the shaft might wear down and stop clasping to it or that the shaft area it locks into might start scuffing. Looks like the Fury and I think they should have made some minor cosmetic changes to the Fury or the Ripper/Cube body more to show more of a difference between the $40 vs. $250 version better.

    The Intech Ripper was used n the driving range today and I'll have to say for a $40 driver it hit as well as my Taylor Made R7 Draw. I was hoping since it was a regular flex Adila shaft on the Ripper that it'd go a but longer than my TM with a stiff flex Adila NV 75S shaft, it went just as far though around 225-245 yards so it's the same distance as my current driver. The plus I'd have to say that surprised me was that I got consistent straight draws with only a few draws hit and actually no slices at all which I am prone to. So for the price I'd have to say the club is good, didn't know the carbon on the head is only a decal! So after use on the course two days and on the driving range this club is good for a high handicapper like me. Just to have another test I will compare my hits using my friend's Nike Sasquatch driver vs. the Intech Ripper.

    Score: 3 out of 5

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