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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Golf Review: My Golf Gear- 3/29/07

Here's an update of MOTW's golf gear as of March 29th, 2007.

In my Top-Flite stand bag:

Driver: Taylor Made HT R7 460 Draw with Aldila NV 75-S
Woods: 3 & 5 Top-Flite HCT Tour
Hybrids: 3 & 4-Taylor Made Rescue Mid, 5-Top-Flite HCT Tour
Irons: Callway X-18 (3 iron), Dunlop SST (5 iron), Top-Flite HCT Tour (6-SW)
Wedge: Cleveland 588 Tour Action lob
Putter: Taylor Made Monsa Rosa & RAM Laser
Ball: Titleist NXT Tour, Callaway HX Hot
Glove: Taylor Made React 2
Shirts: Callaway X-Series, Nike Dri-Fit, Ashworth Golf
Shoe: Dunlop Sport

Looking to save up for some used Titleist Vokey wedges, MacTec NVG2 & Cleveland Hi-Bore drivers.

The only new item on the BUY list is the new Never Compromise GM 2 Exchange #3 putter. Sweet.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Golf Review: Driver Review for 3/21/07

Comments: I've just had the chance to demo both the Sumo2 and the FT-i today since my local driving range had both a Nike and Callway demo day on the same day.

Callaway FT-i: Tried the 10.5 with lightweight flex shaft and draw bias.

Nike Sasquatch Sumo2: Tried the 10.5 with regular flex shaft.

While hoping to like the FT-i more since it does look sweet for a square, the Sumo2 actually hit further and dead center on every hit. The only let down for the Sumo2 was the sound that everyone complains about, it sounds like a very deep aluminum bat feel to it.

The FT-i (though it did have the draw bias to it) I still hit slices with and about maybe 5-10 yards less than the Sumo. The sound sounded better than the Sumo after hits but it still didn't sound as good as my Taylor Made R7.

I was hoping that these two square drivers would out drive my current R7 but I was able to hit them just about the same distance. So no dice on switching to either of these new drivers on my part.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Golf Course Review: Aliso Creek Inn and Golf Course in Laguna Beach, CA- 3/12/07

Comments: The Aliso Creek Golf Course 9-hole is one of the best looking 9-hole courses in So. Cal that I have played.

Nestled along the Aliso/Laguna foothills the course is surrounded by lush and beautiful hills. Makes you feel like your out in the mountains when the course is actually located right off Pacific Coast Highway.

It is a challenging course with the championship tees located atop higher ledges coaxing regular tee hitters to try them out, be warned though those extra 10-15 yards will hurt you if you are not an accurate hitter, ditches and gorges will swallow your golf balls whole.

Watch out for the trees off the 1st and 18th tee, if you happen to hit your balls into them they will get lost in the trees since they are very heavy in foilage. The 8th, 82 yard hole i very deceiving and is actually longer than expected, club up on this hole or you'll lose a few balls in the ravine. Played at noon and there were chipmunks running up to me looking for food. Play during the weekdays and the slow easy going play is great.

Customer Service:
The driving range listed on their website is actually just a long practice net to warm up your swing. If you need to warm up on an actual range hit at your local course before coming here, $3 for a adequate small bucket. The course is $23 for Mon-Thur and $25 for Fri-Sun. $3 for pull cart rental.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

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