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Friday, February 7, 2014

Comic Book Review: Black Canary and Zatanna : Bloodspell (2014) HC

Black Canary and Zatanna : Bloodspell (2014) HC
Author: Paul Dini
Publisher: DC Comics
Pub date:2014


Black Canary. Zatanna Zatara. Two of the DC Universe's brightest stars join forces to combat a deadly new threat - a chilling, supernatural foe that preys on their weaknesses and unleashes their awesome powers against each other!

A year ago, Black Canary infiltrated a gang of female criminals set to pull a dangerous heist at a Las Vegas casino and now the story can be told!


With an almost Darwyn Cooke/J. Bone-style artwork, Joe Quinones pulls off along with author Paul Dini (BATMAN: TAS, Streets of Gotham) a fun gal-duo standalone story that showcases the very first meeting of these Justice Leaguers as well as a Vegas team-up.

The story has the standard, casino heist gone wrong plot; the art by Quinones pushes the novel along with some uncanny facial portrayals of the characters that are also reminiscent of Amanda Conner’s lively work.

This team-up is a fresh breeze since it pits Black Canary and Zatanna in their pre-New 52 identities and gives the story a more fun, light-hearted approach that should captivate a wide range of audiences tired of all the current doom and gloom.


4 out of 5 MONSTERS

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