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Friday, December 20, 2013

Comic Book Review: Star Wars- Dawn of the Jedi: Force storm (2012) TPB

Star Wars- Dawn of the Jedi: Force storm (2012) TPB

Author: John Ostrander
Publisher: Dark Horse Books
Pub date:2012


Here begins the tale of the dawn of the Jedi, the Star Wars of 25,000 years ago--before light sabers, before hyperspace travel, before the Jedi spread throughout the galaxy, when connections to the Force were new. 

On the planet Tython, a group of beings--scientists, philosophers, and warriors--strive to maintain peace and to balance the mystic Force.


So you've been wanting to read about the Star Wars’ Jedi group before they were even truly Jedis with all the cool light sabers, lighting bolts and amazing acrobatics? Well then this is for you!

I for one was underwhelmed with the new batch of characters introduced in this series where you only get an inkling of where the beginnings of the Jedi sprouted from. 

Apart from a couple fleeting pages of good/bad Jedi using their powers to help/dwindle the masses the main plot point is lost in the yawn-inducing series.

The lone bright point is the artwork by long-standing comic mainstay, Jan Duursema which manages to capture new alien characters and worlds. 

Hopefully the second volume jacks up the adrenaline to make the series more worthwhile as a big collection than this initial volume.


1 out of 5 MONSTERS

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