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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

AHOY Comics Presents BLACK’S MYTH, A New Punk Rock Horror Series from Writer Eric Palicki and Artist Wendell Cavalcanti About A Werewolf Private Investigator Inbox





(W) Eric Palicki

(A) Wendell Cavalcanti

COVER A: Liana Kangas

COVER B: Jamal Igle

Meet Janie Jones “Strummer” Jones—just an ordinary werewolf PI, trying to make it on the mean streets of LA. When the case of a lifetime falls into her lap, it’s up to her and her charming djinn assistant Ben Si’lat to figure out just how many silver bullets have been used, and just where do silver bullets come from anyway?


A new horror series from writer Eric Palicki (“a remarkable new voice in comics”—Jeph Loeb) and artist Wendell Cavalcanti, with lush covers by Liana Kangas (Trve Cvlt). Every AHOY book comes with extra prose stories and illustrations.


Issue 1 features a stunning variant cover by Jamal Igle (The Wrong Earth).                                                                                                  

July 7, 2021


Friday, June 25, 2021

L.A. Comic Con 2021: Early Bird Pricing Extended to Sunday at Midnight!


We heard you! After getting requests from our most dedicated fans, we’ve decided to give you two more days to get the lowest price you’ll see on 3-Session and VIP Passes.

Early bird pricing will now end Sunday, June 27th at midnight!

Tickets and capacities are limited in 2021 — Our VVIP Passes are 80% sold out for the whole year — So don’t miss it! Come experience all the fun of comics, gaming, cosplay, sci-fi and pop culture that LA has to offer!


Look who’s coming! And we’re only getting started!


We're excited to share a sneak peak of one of our coolest talent lineups to date, and as we said before - we're only just getting started!

Zachary Levi, Giancarlo Esposoito, Tom Kenny, Frank Miller, Tom Welling, The cast of My Hero Academia, and Bruce Campbell are just a few of the amazing guests waiting to see you at L.A. Comic Con this December!


Shop your heart out!


We play host to 800+ diverse artists and vendors — selling comics, collectibles, art, toys, apparel, and everything in between!


Cosplay galore!


L.A. Comic Con is home to the Cosplay National Championship — With over $20,000 in cash prizes, you can participate in one of the largest cosplay contests in the US!

Meet some of your favorite cosplayers, connect with peers through cosplay meetups, shop the materials for you next big build and attend panels on taking your cosplay to the next level — We have it all for you to enjoy!


Thursday, June 24, 2021

Developer 10 Chambers Releases GTFO “Rebirth://EXTENDED” Update Today and Teases Its Ambitious Plans for Version 1.0



Developer 10 Chambers Releases GTFO “Rebirth://EXTENDED” Update Today and Teases Its Ambitious Plans for Version 1.0

Cooperative Horror FPS GTFO Gets Major Update Today Featuring New Missions and Horde Game Objective Ahead of Game’s Targeted Launch Out of Steam Early Access Later This Year

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN (June 23, 2021) 10 Chambers — a Swedish game development studio composed of industry veterans known for PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2 — is excited to announce today the launch of a new title update for its popular cooperative horror shooter GTFO on Steam: “Rebirth://EXTENDED”. The latest GTFO update (dubbed Rundowns) expands upon the “Rebirth” Rundown which was released in late April 2021, adding five new expeditions for a total of thirteen unique missions. Also included in the Rundown update is a new game objective which tasks players with surviving relentless enemy hordes as they fight tooth and nail to progress through expeditions before a 30-minute timer runs out, all the while solving complex tasks like hacking computer terminals to clear their path. 

Described as “Left 4 Dead meets Aliens,” GTFO is a terrifying, hardcore cooperative multiplayer shooter where good teamwork means the difference between life and death. The game uses a concept called Rundowns, which are regular game updates that add new limited-time expeditions (maps, scenarios, enemies, etc.) that completely replace the previous Rundown. Cast in a four-player team of prisoners held against their will by a mysterious entity called The Warden, survival depends on a team’s ability to communicate, coordinate, and manage their ammunition — else they doom themselves to a bloody, messy death. To The Warden, they’re all expendable. 

Rebirth://EXTENDED is GTFO’s biggest Rundown to date, acting as the game’s latest major title update ahead of a full 1.0 launch out of Steam Early Access later this year. The previous GTFO update set the stage for Rebirth://EXTENDED by adding a new fauna-filled map called Floodways and by introducing artifacts which players can redeem for ability-buffing injections aptly named Booster Implants. 10 Chambers will reveal its ambitious plans for GTFO Version 1.0 and what exciting improvements players can expect to the game in the coming months. 

Watch the GTFO Rebirth://EXTENDED Update Gameplay video:


“The beauty with the Rundown concept is that we can throw new challenges at our community with every new one and see how they are received. The community can always be excited for what will come next, and it is also more fun for us to develop. It keeps us on our creative toes. The new ‘horde objective’ will require some high level of stress management from our Prisoners,” said Simon Viklund, Narrative Director and Composer of GTFO.

“We have fleshed out a pretty extensive list of features we want available in GTFO as a Version 1.0 game; we have always wanted the Version 1.0 launch to be felt. The transition from Early Access to Version 1.0 will be noticed in this game – and we feel confident that this transition will happen this year,” said Ulf Andersson, Creative Director of GTFO.

GTFO Rebirth://EXTENDED Update Key Features:
  • [New in Rebirth://EXTENDED] EXPEDITIONS EXTENDED — Can you master, let alone survive, all thirteen expeditions included in the Rebirth://EXTENDED update? Show The Warden what you’re made of.
  • [New in Rebirth://EXTENDED] EXPENDABLE — The Warden is curious to see how well prisoners react to constant stimulation and the threat of death. Can you survive a full 30-minutes of wave after wave of gruesome monsters? Do it for science. 
  • [Added in Rebirth Rundown] New Environment: Floodways — Mother Nature has met her match with The Warden. Plantlife has been allowed to propagate in the new Floodways sector of The Complex, but so have new nightmares and obstacles. You’ll need a steady trigger finger as opposed to a green thumb to survive here.
  • [Added in Rebirth Rundown] New Enemy: Spawner — Keep your eyes forward and also up. Spawners reside on ceilings, giving birth to monsters even in rooms already previously cleared. 
  • [Added in Rebirth Rundown] Booster Implants — Collect artifacts during the Rundown and offer them to The Warden for a prize: an injection of “special” liquid into your brain that boosts abilities. Booster Implants carry to additional Rundown playthroughs even if killed, offering players additional incentive to progress. 

GTFO released on Steam in Early Access in December 2019 and is available for purchase for $34.99. To celebrate the launch of the Rebirth://EXTENDED update — which is free to owners of the game — GTFO is on a limited-time sale for 20% off. To purchase the game, please visit:

​Interact with 10 Chambers on Twitter, Discord, YouTube, and Facebook, and join the Ambassador Program to access future perks. 

PAYDAY THE HEIST® and PAYDAY 2® are registered trademarks of their respective owners. 10 Chambers AB is not associated with, affiliated with, sponsored by and/or endorsed by them.

About 10 Chambers

Founded in 2015, 10 Chambers is a game studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. The studio was founded by Ulf Andersson, who founded Overkill Software and was the brain behind the PAYDAY franchise. GTFO is the debut title from the studio. More information about 10 Chambers is available at

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

L.A. Comic Con 2021: Early Bird 3-Session Passes Ending Friday!


Because you’re our most loyal fan, we wanted to let you know that Early Bird pricing for 3-Session and VIP Passes is ending Friday, June 25 at midnight! These are the lowest prices you’ll see on 3-Session and VIP passes all year — So don’t wait! Get all the fun at 2021’s best prices!

We’re excited to welcome you back and we have a great show planned — Scroll down to see who we’ve announce so far. This is just the beginning!


See Bruce Campbell & SO MUCH MORE this December!


Groovy! We're excited to announce that Bruce Campbell was just added to the 2021 guest lineup!

Bruce Campbell, storied actor, director, and voice-actor, has touched almost every sector of pop culture over his impressive career. You may know him from his roles in Sam Raimi's Evil Dead franchise, voice-acting in the Spiderman games and movies, Elvis is Bubbo Ho-Tep, Call of Duty, Sam Axe in Burn Notice, and the list keeps on going!

Bruce will be joining us Saturday for autographs, photo ops and a panel!

Keep an eye out on our social media for more guest announcements leading up L.A. Comic Con in December!




Tom Kenny the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants, Heffer Wolfe in Rocko's Modern Life; the Ice King in Adventure Time, and so much more, is coming back at L.A. Comic Con!



Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The Mandolorian, and The Boys! We don't know what he'll do next, but we're excited to announce that he's coming to L.A. Comic Con!



Zachary Levi is coming to L.A. Comic Con! You might recognize him as Chuck, a handsome vigilante in Tangled, or most recently a teenager turned superhero, Shazam!



Tom Welling, best known for his role as Clark Kent from Smallville and Lt. Marcus Pierce from Lucifer is appearing on Saturday and Sunday of L.A. Comic Con!



Comic legend and icon Frank Miller, known for Sin City, Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman: Year One, 300, Daredevil, Ronin, Robocop, Hardboiled, Wolverine and so much more is coming Saturday to L.A. Comic Con!



Class is in session at the academy and the cast is coming to L.A. Comic Con! Join the voice-actors as they discuss favorite parts of the series and reflect on the beloved anime.

More information about sessions!


Each day our show will be broken into two 5-hour long sessions. If you purchase the 3-Session or VIP Pass, you can choose ANY THREE SESSIONS (ABOVE) to attend! You will be given your choice of sessions closer to the show, after more of the talent line-up is announced. If you buy a ticket now, you cannot be affected by potential sell-outs for any of the sessions.


Monday, June 21, 2021

Snow Angels by Jeff Lemire and Jock is back with Season 2!



The next chapter of the 10-part limited series is about to begin!


Named by IGN as one of “The 21 Most Anticipated Comics of 2021” and chosen as one of “The best comics to read in February” by Entertainment Weekly, Snow Angels is "[T]ruly captivating," says ScreenRant.


Snow Angels Season Two #1 written by Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth--now a Netflix series, Gideon Falls, Black Hammer) with art by Jock (Wytches, Batman)--two of the most acclaimed creators of their generation--arrives Tuesday, June 22.


Snow Angels marks the first time ever that the two esteemed creators have collaborated. Together, Lemire and Jock have created an epic science fiction adventure story set in a brutal near future where the world is covered in ice.


Snow Angels is part of the comiXology Originals line of exclusive digital content only available on comiXology and Kindle and with comiXology Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading.


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