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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Golf Review: Nike Sasquatch Sumo Driver Review- 4/25/07

Comments: A good straight and long driver in good tandem with it's square sibling th Nike Sumo2. The farthest of all the drivers I tried and fairly straight hits. Good confidence builder able to belt balls long and far, I was really surprised how good this drier was due to the knocks people give the Nike Sasquatch Sumo2 and I didn't think any club was going to knock out the Hi-Bore XL as my straightest driver tried out.

Monster of the Week's "MONSTER of the WEAK #1" Award for Best Driver at the demo day goes to: The Nike Sasquatch Sumo.

Rank: #1

Score: 3.85 out of 5

Golf Review: Cleveland Hi-Bore XL Driver Review- 4/25/07

Comments: Good crisp sound after a hit, straight mid-level drives with the Cleveland Hi-Bore XL. This has been my fave of all the drivers with good looks and good distance. I like the matte finish on the head of the club since it is not as explicit in scuffing as the glossy paint finishes as in other woods, important for beginners and those prone to sky marks.

Rank: #2

Score: 3.75 out of 5

Golf Review: Taylor Made Burner (2007) Driver Review- 4/25/07

Comments: A way better driver than it's cousin the Taylor Made SuperQuad in my opinion and $100 less. Made for bombers with fast swing speeds this one actually took my drives pretty fairly down the middle. The Taylor Made Burner is a bit longer in the shaft length than other clubs, a good buy. Too bad it kinda looks kind of ugly.

Rank: #3

Score: 3.5 out of 5

Golf Review: Maruman Majestic Prestigio FV-R Driver Review- 4/25/07

Comments: The Maruman Majestic Prestigio FV-R driver wowed me since I did not know anything about this company except that it was a prestigious high-end company like Honma for big spenders. This thing looks expensive, the face was super shiny, almost like a mirror. Good sound and straight drives, too bad it costs $1,700.00!

Rank: #4

Score: 2.95 out of 5

Golf Review: Cobra M Speed Driver Review- 4/25/07

Comments: Another Cobra M Speed driver I really wanted to like since it was suppose to be for golfers like me with slow swing speeds and limited range, I thought this was going to blast my drivers at least an extra 10 yards. Nope. Same range as my current driver and it also had a loud aluminum tin sound to it like the square Nike Sumo2 and Callaway FT-i. No thanks to the Cobra M Speed.

Rank: #5

Score: 2 out of 5

Golf Review: TaylorMade SuperQuad Driver Review- 4/25/07

Comments: I previously hit this Taylor Made SuperQuad driver at a pro shop and with all the hype thought this was going to be good since at the pro shop I hit it to a net and it had a good snapping sound to it. After hitting it on the range though, it wasn't as straight or long as I hoped and for the price I thought was a bit too much, wanted to like it since it looked good like a stealth fighter, but no go.

Rank: #6

Score: 2.5 out of 5

Golf Review: Bridgestone J33 r460 Driver Review- 4/25/07

Comments: The Bridgestone J33 driver was a boring looking club and no feel at all on the drives, low ball flight. Didn't like the Bridgestone J33 at all.

Rank: #7

Score: 1.5 out of 5

Golf Review: Mega OEM Golf Driver Reviews- 4/25/07

Monster of the Week had the chance over the weekend to attend a demo day out on the range and so I have a better practical review of some of the newest drivers in the 2007 market.

The Talega golf course in Rancho Santa Margarita had Nike, Cleveland, Cobra, Bridgestone, Maruman, Mizuno, and TaylorMade golf companies on April 14, 2007 at their driving range allowing players to try out the newest irons, hybrids and drivers on a real course instead of a golf net at your local pro shop. had a little spare time after golf class so only tried out the drivers (though secretly wanted to try out the R7 Taylor Made irons and Corba hybrids but ran out of time).

Upcoming posts will have a ranking of our favorite drivers tested at this event. Remember that MOTW averages about 200-220 yards per drive via his TaylorMade R7 Draw driver with Adila NV stiff flex and 13 degree head. So based on the slow swing speed MOTW, we wanted to try out some regular flex shafts and also revert to a lower 10.5 degree head.

N/A: Didn't get to try the Mizuno driver at the tent since for some reason they only had one to two stalls and MOTW didn't want to wait in line.

Check back soon!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Movie Review: Robotech- The Shadow Chronicles- 4/12/07

Comments: As a Robotech fan I give SC a 7.5 out of 10. As a regular movie watcher I give SC a 4 out of 10. As a RT fan I liked seeing a continuation of the RT storyline even if the story was only so-so (but after watching other anime I didn;t think the storyline was that bad, it seemed like every average anime to me), seeing the mecha again and apart from everyone else's opinion I did like the 2D artwork used.

As a regular movie watcher I did not like how the movie ended with the hanging plot points (seeing how long it to SC to come out on DVD I expect the sequel to come out in 2018). The 3D battles ARE jarring to see, wish they kept them animated like in Mac Zero or Yukikaze. I was hoping to see some ground battles on earth vs. the Invid. The backgrounds on the characters were pretty sparse. And finally...boobs, yes they are big and distracting sometimess...but especially on Ariel and Janice's bodies sine for some reason they wear the super low V-neck suits.

P.S. What happened to the special features section? It was just a trailer and fan documentary? Not even the United Nations trailer. I did not like how when the producers and HG employees discussed RT or showed clips it was only Mospeada no mention of Macross or Southern Cross or why it took so long for SC to get back on-screen. I was on the look-out for Mokman the DVD...but I don't know what ya look like!

Score: 2.5 out of 5

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