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Monday, December 14, 2009

Golf Course Review: Heartwell Golf Course in Long Beach, CA- 12/5/09

Comments: Heartwell Golf Course in Long Beach, CA was a back-up course our group ended up playing at when the majority of public golf courses had pretty much had their pre-noon tee times booked a week in advance. Rather than not playing at all that day we were able to get a morning tee time at this 18-hole executive course.

Most of the holes range from 110 yards with a few other par 3's stretching to 145 yards. Most golfers can just pretty much load their putter and a few irons. All holes are pretty mucn straight in front of you with a couple holes next to a small pond so there's really not a lot of trick shots needed. Just hit straight and you're good to go, unless you're not a stright shooter or beginning golfer which attacts those players here especially those getting started out.

Since we played on an early Sat. morning, I expected it to be a bit non-congested, but the tee box on the first hole was backed up three groups. Once we got going there was 1-2 group back-up with about 5-10 min. wait at the longest to tee off. Completed the course in about three hours.

Fairways were in good shape, green with very few dry patches. The greens around the holes though had bad divots, seems as though not a lot of the players care or don't have the repair tool which they should just hand out at the Pro Shop since hitting onto the green from the tee is so easy that bad divots are pretty much a certainty. To compare the course to another layout, I would classify it as a mini-Mile Square Park Golf Course due to the flat layout and accumulation of trees near the tees that test you to not hit at them.

Customer Service:
Didn't hit on the driving range, but there is a full range with mats to use. Cost for Saturday morning for non-Long Beach residents was $17.50, less than $1 a hole! If you're a Long Beach resident you even get a discount.

Score: 3.0 out of 5

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