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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Movie Review: Superman: Doomsday- 10/23/07

Comments: Why oh why must studios always change an adaption of something established and fine? Partly produced and written by Paul Dini the man behind the great Batman: The Animated Series cartoon from the 90's comes the animated adaption of the 1990s event "Death of Superman". I collected the series when I was a kid due to the media speculation on Superman's death and saw that this DVD was coming out and wanted to see how close it stayed true.

Since the comic lasted a few months and the DVD is under 2 hours, a lot of event were cut out. Unfortunately a lot of the set-up of Superman and the cast was weak as well as the alien killer Doomsday. We are suppose to see Doomsday as an unstoppable killing machine, too bad when he starts his rampage he kills one at a time and we never really see a "massacre" that should accompany a Superman-killer. Superman comes and saves the day, dies, comes back and fights an evil clone. For an event that should have focused on his initial fight with Doomsday after the DVD is titled with, the second half of the film is focused on his "clone" which is something new for the DVD and did not happen in the comics.

The animation follows the 90's Superman cartoon, for some reason this is out of continuity from that series as well as the Justice League cartoon with tweaks to the character drawings. Lois Lane looks more asian and Superman/Clark Kent has an annoying cheek line drawings around his face that make him look 80 years old. Lex Luthor for some reason wears that same white outfit all the time.

While the DVD is PG-13 with a good amount of violence which helps with the action, the over-all story is weak and not enjoyable as the Justice League series. Along with the recent Brainiac Attacks DVD which was worse, the new Superman releases have been weak. Here's hoping the upcoming New Frontier cartoon comes out fine.

Score: 2.75 out of 5

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Golf Review: Intech Ripper Driver for Sale- 10/11/07

Well it's time for me to stick with my new Cleveland Hi-Bore driver and sell off my much-loved Ripper Driver by Intech since Mr. Monster needs extra cash for the golf games and needs space as well. I've been holding onto the Ripper as my back-up driver but now need to let it go.


Club: Ripper Driver by Intech
Loft: 10.5 degrees
High Modulus Low Torque Graphite Medium "Reflex" shaft by Aldila
Length: Standard
Dexterity: Right-handed
Condition: Used
Stock Intech grip
Head cover: Yes, comes with matching head cover

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