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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blog Review: New site tracking software for your blog. Clicky!

Comments: I’ve previously used site meter on the MonsterOfTheWeek website to help track information on the number of visitors to this website and also recently tried the site tracking using the Google maps page that shows where visitors came from.

I’ve recently just found a new site tracking program that does what all the previous site tracking applications I’ve used previously all in one program, and it’s FREE as well.

Clicky is a new tracking program I’ve found while searching the web regarding search engine optimization and page rank information. Clicky has a really helpful user interface that shows more in detail where your visitors are coming from, at what time, IP address, Google map link, as well as my favorite part- What sections of your site the visitors are clicking on or going to.

I’m now just trying the free application version, but if you have a heavily visited site that requires additional information for you to process, Clicky also has a few upgradeable paid versions for you. Go ahead, try it today! Get Clicky.

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