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Thursday, September 30, 2021

PLITCH Lets You Play the Latest PC Games Your Way


This fall, PLITCH, the premier game customization platform, will see the latest PC games join its ever-growing library, from the biggest AAA titles to the most anticipated indies. If you’re planning to overthrow a charismatic and malicious dictator in Far Cry 6, or dusting off your nanosuit to kick some alien ass in Crysis Remastered Trilogy, we'd love to set you up with a PLITCH subscription so that you can try it out on the latest games coming to PC. Just reply to this email, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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The critically acclaimed first-person action game Deathloop is among several fall titles that are already supported on PLITCH. Breaking an infinite time-loop is no easy task, but PLITCH has a number of tools to help, including Add Residuum (currency), No Reload, Godmode, and Super Jump. It is important to note that codes cannot be used in online play. No one likes a multiplayer cheater.

Other titles supported this month:
October will see even more great titles supported on PLITCH. Far Cry 6 is coming to the platform on October 7, along with all the codes you’ll need to rebel against the villainous Antón Castillo.

Crysis Remastered Trilogy follows one week later on October 15. Whether it’s your first time playing through the trilogy and you need a little extra help, or a seasoned expert wanting to ramp up the challenge, you’ll be able to customize the experience to your liking with PLITCH.

Check out a few of the other games coming to PLITCH this fall:
  • FIFA 22 (10/01)
  • Alan Wake Remastered (10/05)
  • The Riftbreaker (10/14)
  • Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles (10/15)
PLITCH is the customization platform that lets you game the way you want to, with customizations for over 3000 single-player experiences! The platform is continually growing and supporting the latest and most coveted games. Learn more about PLITCH at
Follow PLITCH on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch, subscribe on YouTube, and join the official PLITCH Discord to keep updated with everything added to the service.
About MegaDev
MegaDev GmbH was founded in Munich in 2015 and, with its "PLITCH" software, is the European market leader for legal cheats and training codes for single-player PC games. The MegaDev team currently consists of more than 20 full-time, experienced entrepreneurs, developers, and enthusiasts from the gaming industry in Germany and the USA.
PLITCH helps players adapt the gaming experience to their tastes and preferences to make the most of their PC gaming time. The all-in-one software can unlock thousands of skills, objects and resources, thus minimizing repetitive gaming; on the other hand, it also offers a training mode with which specific game situations can be designed to be more challenging.

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