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Monday, December 14, 2009

Golf Course Review: Heartwell Golf Course in Long Beach, CA- 12/5/09

Comments: Heartwell Golf Course in Long Beach, CA was a back-up course our group ended up playing at when the majority of public golf courses had pretty much had their pre-noon tee times booked a week in advance. Rather than not playing at all that day we were able to get a morning tee time at this 18-hole executive course.

Most of the holes range from 110 yards with a few other par 3's stretching to 145 yards. Most golfers can just pretty much load their putter and a few irons. All holes are pretty mucn straight in front of you with a couple holes next to a small pond so there's really not a lot of trick shots needed. Just hit straight and you're good to go, unless you're not a stright shooter or beginning golfer which attacts those players here especially those getting started out.

Since we played on an early Sat. morning, I expected it to be a bit non-congested, but the tee box on the first hole was backed up three groups. Once we got going there was 1-2 group back-up with about 5-10 min. wait at the longest to tee off. Completed the course in about three hours.

Fairways were in good shape, green with very few dry patches. The greens around the holes though had bad divots, seems as though not a lot of the players care or don't have the repair tool which they should just hand out at the Pro Shop since hitting onto the green from the tee is so easy that bad divots are pretty much a certainty. To compare the course to another layout, I would classify it as a mini-Mile Square Park Golf Course due to the flat layout and accumulation of trees near the tees that test you to not hit at them.

Customer Service:
Didn't hit on the driving range, but there is a full range with mats to use. Cost for Saturday morning for non-Long Beach residents was $17.50, less than $1 a hole! If you're a Long Beach resident you even get a discount.

Score: 3.0 out of 5

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Goodwill Color Tag Sale for the week of 10/9/09 through 10/16/09

Goodwill Color Tag Sale for the week of 10/9/09 through 10/16/09:
50% off GREEN item tagged merchandise.

This weekend I also saw two MIB G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary: Cobra Python Patrol Conquest X-30 Jets for $9.99.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

How to Turn OFF Windows Genuine Advantage Notification

During my last Windows Service Pack update I ended up seeing after logging into my computer and Windows Genuine Advantage Notification pop-up window asking me if it should be installed to check for non-Windows complaint software. Heck no, this is one obtrusive update that I don't want.

After clicking on cancel, it always came back asking the same question after login. There was no way to cancel the notification question. After checking some websites, people's recommendation was to update the Registry, heck no. Too complicated. After seeing a tip from someone, I decided to try to just uncheck the notification from the Window's folder and it worked. No more pop-up. Here's what I did:

How to Turn OFF Windows Genuine Advantage Notification Instructions
1. My Computer
2. C: Drive
3. Windows folder
4. Task folders

So it ends up looking like this in Windows XP:

5. Right click on the WGASetup application.
6. Click on the Properties window
7. Uncheck "Run only if logged ion" and the "Enabled" check boxes.
8. Click the OK button.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Goodwill Color Tag Sale for the week of 2/6/09 through 2/12/09

Goodwill Color Tag Sale for the week of 2/6/09 through 2/12/09:
50% off Orange item tagged merchandise.

There's also super cheap priced 25th anniversary G.I. Joe toys at the Lake Forest Goodwill store as of 2/9/09!

Most of the items were in great condition, singles (even have the recent Resolute line). 2-packs, and vehicles.

Singles ($2.99 each):
Wild Bill, Cobra HISS driver, Cobra Viper, Snake Eyes (all 4 versions released), Duke, Major Bludd, Roadblock, Cobra Python Officer, Flint (3 styles), Cobra Commander, Hawk, Bazooka, Barbecue, Snow Serpent, Cobra BAT, Cobra Patratrooper, Baroness, Cobra nijiku and ninjas, Mutt & Junkyard, Croc Master, Wraith, Torch, Ripper, Scarlett (in blue outfit). Resolute Duke & Cobra Commander.

2-pack ($3.99):
Cobra Commander Vs. Tripwire, Destro & Iron Grenadier, Beachhead & Dataframe, Snake Eyes & Hard Master, Lt. Falcon Vs.Nemesis Immortal, Destro & Breaker, Rock N Roll & Deep Six

Battle Packs ($5.99):
Series 01: Weather Dominator Battle Pack: Roadblack, Destro, Lady Jaye

Vehicles ($5.99):
Ram Vs. Trouble Bubble
Vamp With Clutch
AWE Striker

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Golf Club Cleaning Tips 101

Golf Club Cleaning Tips 101

If there’s a certain item that Mr. Monster cleans the most, it’s my golf clubs. You spend a lot of time pounding out golf balls in the driving range tearing up their cheap range ball covers as well as bombing shots from the grass, dirt, sand, mud and rain. All-in-all, your clubs take a beating.

Basic club head cleaning

If the stains are easily removed by using a soft bristle brush then it’s time for a soaking.

Get a large bucket, place a few small drops of dishwashing liquid in the bucket and fill it with some warm water. Try not to make too many large suds and only fill up the bucket enough to soak the heads and NOT up to the hosel since that may weaken the glue that holds the shaft to the club head.

I then place my iron set (5-GW) in the bucket and leaning the grips to a wall or something to keep them upright. I like leaving the clubs soaked for about 15 minutes. Once the clubs are soaked I then pull one out at a time and place on a plastic sheet or newspaper (to capture water) and use a soft bristle brush and clean out the sole and head of the clubs. Usually the toughest stain are the ones left from the artificial grass from hitting mats.

Once the heads are clean just wipe them dry with a soft towel, and wall-a, you’re done and got a nice sparkling set with only the cost of a few small drops of dishwashing liquid (I use Sun or Ajax myself) and water. No need for special “golf club” cleaning detergents or such. Keep in on the down-low and cheap!

Golf Grip Cleaning

After a while the grips get dirty or you get a used set and don’t know where it’s been so you want to clean that puppy up. The main thing I try to not do is over-hydrate the grips which cleaning with water (makes them brittle faster) or using too much liquid soap (makes them slippery).

Too keep the grips shiny and close to new, I get a nice clean white towel (White lets you see how much dirt and such is still left on the grip but you can use any color you want) and place a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap on it then water it down. Once the towel is wet, then I twist it enough so it’s not soaking wet that it will make the grips soggy as it tends to soak in water.

Proceed with wiping the grips down until the oil, dirt, yucky items are cleaned off then wipe them dry with another non-wet towel. Once they’re nice and dry I like to personally spray them with a couple shots of anti-bacterial/disinfectant spray to make sure they’re clean as can been. After it’s sprayed let it sit for another 10-15 minutes and then wipe down dry. Let the grips dry out for a few hours and you should be left with nice clean grips!

Golf Shaft Cleaning

Here’s another part of the club that once in a while needs some cleaning, you can pretty much use the towel & liquid soap wipe-down as noted in the golf grip cleaning section. Just be careful when cleaning graphite shafts with the towel since if you have one that is coarse it may scratch the shaft. Mainly the times I clean the shaft is when you get a club that still has the retail stick or price tag on it. When the sticker is stuck and won’t peel out completely I bust out the WD-40 spray and let it soak for 15-20 minutes and then use a soft flat-edged item (or fingernail) to slowly scrape the sticker off. Once all the remnants are gone I then proceed with wiping down the area with a wet towel and dry off.

Golf Club Rust Removal

Now here’s a tricky item to remove, rust, since by the time you have it on your golf club head its probably bonded to it pretty good.

On a set of clubs I have that had rust stains on the inside perimeter of the back of the club I initially tried just using soap, water and a bristle brush to use but that didn’t do anything. I then used a generic household cleaning/rust removal liquid and that also didn’t work. I knew I had to break out the big guns. I ended up buying CLR (calcium, lime, rust removal liquid) to try out .

The instructions do say to start off using a small sample of CLR and diluting it with water, but since I wanted the rust gone ASAP I used the full concentration. Since I was targeting rust stains on certain spots of the club I used a Q-Tip to dab the areas affected by rust.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Goodwill Color Tag Sale for the week of 1/2/09 through 1/9/09

Goodwill Color Tag Sale for the week of 1/2/09 through 1/9/09:
50% off Blue item tagged merchandise and Pink tagged clothing.

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