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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Computer Issues: Plugged in, Not Charging Battery Issue on Windows 7

This issue just happened to me tonight after I did a Windows Update and turned on my eMachines, Win7 laptop (less than 10 months old) that started to show me the "Plugged in, not charging message" that I initially thought was due to the recent Windows update.

First I just turned off the laptop and removed and placed back the battery. Once I booted up and plugged the adapter in it showed 100% charge, but when I removed the cord, the battery setting read 96%. When I plugged the cord back in it read 100% still. So I knew there was an issue.

It does look like you have to do the disable, unplug AC, shutdown, then replug, boot-up to get the charge to start working again since when I just disabled/enabled, nothing changed.

Here are two ways to try and get your battery charging again.

  • Turn off laptop and unplug the AC power.
  • Remove the laptop battery.
  • Put the AC power back in and turn on the laptop.
  • When you are back up and running off of the AC power, shut down the computer again.
  • Once shut down, unplug AC power.
  • Put the laptop battery back in followed by the AC power again.
  • Turn on laptop. Hover over the battery icon and hopefully the icon shows it charging now.

  • You will need to go to your Device Manager and uninstall MS ACPI compliant Control Method Battery and then uninstall the device.

  • Unplug the AC adapter then shut down the laptop.

  • Re-plug in the AC adapter, then reboot. Roll-over and check the batter setting icon to make sure it reads Chargin. Did not have to scan for hardware changes.

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