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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Comic Creator Conference: THIS FRIDAY!

Don't miss out on our Comic Creator Conference
THIS Friday, September 1st  at Long Beach Convention Center!

Join us for the chance to connect with professional comic creatives and other high level industry professionals. The event will consist of 5 panel sessions hosted by industry leaders jam packed with tips and life experiences on their climb to the top, followed by a networking cocktail reception.
2:00 PM-2:10 PM
Welcoming Remarks
2:00 PM-3:00 PM
Why You Need An Agent

The decision about getting an agent is critical for comic creators. But... do you really need an agent? If so, why? If not, why not? How will you know if you need an agent? What should an agent do for you? Author David Gallaher (HIGH NOON, THE ONLY LIVING BOY) will answer these questions, address how an agent can be a comic creator's greatest advocate, and how you can go about finding one.
3:05 PM-3:50 PM
Managing your own publicity and building your brand as a professional

In the modern, social-media dominated world, creators have more options than ever for how self-promoting and building awareness of their projects. But how to build a consistent brand that drives readers to your work AND is an honest representation of yourself can pose tremendous challenges for even the most-seasoned professional. Alex Segura, SVP - Publicity and Marketing for Archie Comics (and an acclaimed writer of novels and comics) and Barbra Dillon, Editor-in-Chief of Fanbase Press, discuss how to avoid pitfalls and make the most of opportunities.
4:00 PM-4:50 PM
Cuba - Separating truth from fiction

In May of this year, 11 members of the U.S. comics creative and business community participated in the C3 Havana Edition conference, meeting with 50 Cuban comics creators at Havana's National Animation Studio for an in-depth discussion of topics relating to comics, animation, video game development, storytelling, and film production. Now Martha Donato, President of MAD Event Management (which runs Long Beach Comic Con) and many of her fellow C3 Havana participants – among them writer Ron Marz (WITCHBLADE, DREAD GODS), artist Dennis Calero (MASKS, X-FACTOR), and Cryptozoic co-CEO John Nee – discuss the trip, and are joined by artist Dean Haspiel (CUBA: MY REVOLUTION) to discuss the changing landscape of U.S.-Cuba relations in the creative arts going forward.
5:00 PM-5:45 PM
IP Ownership in Collaborative Media

How can creators protect themselves and their creations while taking advantage of the incredible opportunities offered in video games and other media? Lion Forge president Geoff Gerber and Cryptozoic Co-CEO John Nee share their insights into the world of developing original intellectual properties, exploring the issues that arise when trying to maintain ownership while exploiting the IP in video games and other forms.
5:55 PM-6:40 PM
Developing different models for creator-owned work

From "digital-first" to "digital-only", from self-publishing to creator-owned work in conjunction with a more-traditional publisher, and crowdfunding and subscription models, there are many different ways a creator can maintain ownership of the comics work they offer the reading public. Award-winning creators Gene Ha (TOP TEN, MAE), Dean Haspiel (ACT-I-VATE, HE RED HOOK), and D.J. Kirkbride (AMELIA COLE, THE ONCE AND FUTURE QUEEN) talk about their recent experiences and how what they've learned is impacting what they're doing with their current and future creator-driven projects.
6:40 PM - 7:30 PM
Cocktail Reception

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