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Friday, June 13, 2008

Golf Review: Dunlop Sport Saddle Golf Shoes Golf Shoes- 6/13/08

Comments: I purchased these Dunlop Sport saddle golf shoesand wore them for about 10 rounds of golf and I can attest that they feel very comfortable.

As you can see from the photos, the shoe is in good condition, spikes are original Dunlop spikes. There are scuff and marks on the toe of the shoes as well as on some sections of the heel area since I used these shoes when I rode golf carts and I tend to scuff my shoes on the pedals.

I do wish there was more cushioning in the show, I had to add in some gel pads for walking rounds so I usually kept these shoes as backups for when I rode golf carts and switched to my more sneaker-like Top Flite shoes for walking. I did get this shoe back in Maui at the local Walmart there for a low price and brought it back to So. Cal as my first official golf shoe. A good beginner's shoe for the price, less than $30.00 retail, but it does scuff easily.

Dunlop Sport Features & Specifications

Lace up these lightweight shoes for a day on the course. Maximum comfort comes from the cushioned footbed and rubber outsole. Synthetic leather helps with breathability and supports all ranges of motion. Get ready for tee time.

Dunlop Sport Shoes Product Details:

-Comfortable golf shoes with brown shoelaces
-Synthetic leather upper

-Cushioned footbed

-Lightweight rubber outsole

-Original Dunlop spikes with one Softspikes replacement

-Care: Wipe clean

2.75 out of 5

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