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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Movie Review: Long Life, Happiness Prosperity- 5/18/08

Description: The festival award-winning Long Life, Happiness and Prosperity - is the January selection in The Film Movement Series. In LONG LIFE, HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY, twelve-year old Mindy Ho (Valerie Tian) tries Taoist magic to fix her single mothers (Sandra Oh) financial situation and seemingly hopeless romantic prospects. Mindy's directed charms appear to cause an aging security guard to lose his job and a local butcher to win the lottery. The guard, the butcher and her mother's stories all intersect, bound together by Mindys attempts at magic intervention.

Set in the Chinese Canadian community, LONG LIFE, HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY is a story of hope and the importance of keeping faith in this sometimes difficult world.

Comments: A nice, cute, quirky and funny movie that explores both Chinese culture and its mingling with a western-influenced lifestyle. The story follows three main arcs: daughter trying to find love for her single mom, recently laid-off elder security guard, and a butcher store father trying to pass on the family legacy to his American born son.

The lead little girl (
Valerie Tian from Juno) at age twelve here was really funny and down-to-earth. I experienced a few laughs from the situations brought about in the story. The ending may throw you off since a few of the arcs don't really spell out the ending for some of the characters; that's why I had to turn on the commentary for the ending scenes to hear the director's explanation. Still, this a a well-made film and good times for the entire family.

Score: 4 out of 5

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